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[Akame] [NC-17] Troublesome Obsession

Recipient: madguitaristz

Title: Troublesome Obsession
Group/Pairing(s): Akame/KAT-TUN
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Kame is short of money, the only resource he has is to work on a mansion but the only problem is if he will be able to cope with
the younger Akanishi.
Word Count: 4947

Junno thought that, Kame, being the neat freak he is, would find it a good job, but apparently, he was wrong.

The young man has been staring at the costume, jaw dropping as far as it could, for at least 30 seconds, before he utters a word, “Junno…why do I have to dress this?”

“You see, I work in that mansion so it’s obvious I could get you a job here more easily than anywhere else. And I know you need the money and they needed a maid, so I though…”

“Junno! Do me a favour, please. Don’t think!” Kame snaps at the other, but soon the rage is replaced by a feeling of need. And he does need that money to pay the University fees. He sighs exasperatedly, reaching for the hanger and spinning the costume around a couple of times to examine it thoroughly.

“I really need to use this?”

“Yes, because that’s the rules. You’ll do fine, believe me. They’re good people and if you need any help, I’ll be there too. Besides, you look girly, so no one will notice that you’re a guy, and it’s just temporary, until you find a better job.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll give it a shot.” the taller boy’s smile widens at his friend’s approval.

“Then, tomorrow at 5pm. Don’t forget, ok? I’ve got to go to work now or the lady will be mad.” Junno surveyed his friend one last time, “But you definitely do something about your legs.”

“Are you serious??”


“Akanishi residence…” Kame repeats like a mantra, splitting glances between the map his high spirited friend had given him and the road that only led to a no-ending fence.
He has been walking for almost 10 minutes and so far, the only thing he has seen are the bushes from the other side of the steel bars, though the drawn map indicates that the mansion is supposedly there.

If there is something Junno isn’t good at, is drawing maps, he is sure of it now.
Then suddenly, he is standing in front of a gate twice his height, “Is this one and the same plot of land? It’s huge.” he concludes after bringing back the long minutes he has walked along the same fence.

He caught the sight of a stone signboard right at his height’s level and he reads the smeared inscriptions, “AKANISHI RESIDENCE?”


Kame barely has the chance to acknowledge the huge mansion as he is dragged through the rustic living room to the white tilled kitchen and a stack of clothes shoved in his arms, “That’s your maid uniform. Go get dressed. You’re already late.”


“Junno, this outfit is too…feminine. Do I really have to wear this?”
Kazuya adjusts the skirt part of the black French maid uniform, pulling it on his rear and causing it to go up on his front. “This is too short!” he protests.
“Kame, are you still at it? Just quit it. I got you a job so at least be thankful.”
“I’m sorry, Junno. Thank you.”
“That’s better. Now, let me show you the corners of the mansion.”

The short haired boy guides Kame back to the living room, pointing out the basic location of the things he would need and shows him the rooms. Basically, all the boy needs to know so he can serve the Akanishi family properly.

“This is Mr & Mrs Akanishi-san’s room.” Junno instructs as he opens the first door after climbing the 20 something degree set of stairs, revealing a wholly beige decorated room with satin curtains waving to the wind on the open window “You don’t usually need to come here.” He closes the door and follows to the second door where an ‘occupied’ signboard hangs from the doorknob.

The taller boy stares at it for a while before turning to his friend and grasping his shoulders in a strong grip “Whatever you do, never enter this room when the signboard says ‘occupied’ or you’ll have a hard time with the youngest Akanishi. This is the office, by the way.”

Kame follows ahead, still casting glances over his shoulder to the closed door of the office.
“And finally this is Akanishi-kun’s room, the only son of the Akanishis.”
The door opens to reveal a total mess. The clothes are all resting on the floor in messy heaps, stacks of books everywhere and only the computer remains uncovered by unnecessary objects.
“Now let me show you downstairs.”

“Junno, why aren’t we allowed to go in the office? What does he keep there?”
He questions, jumping excitedly down the polished wood stairs, following his friend and holding the skirt in place.
“You seem quite interested in Akanishi.”
“Why would I be? He’s five years or so younger then me.”

“He’s 18. And it scares me more that you didn’t mention he’s a guy. Now, pay attention to me!” Junno opens a cupboard where a tea set is neatly arranged. “You’ll be serving the tea in” he glances at his wristwatch “Ten minutes, so it’s the beginning of your job. Better do it right.”

Kame gives a small nod and continues their previous conversation.
“So he’s four years younger. I still want to know what he does in that office.”
“You’re too curious for your own good. And speaking of the devil…”
The taller boy titles his head slightly up and Kame follows his gaze to the handsome figure climbing down the stairs with elegance.

The boy halts in front of them and Junno introduces the two.
“This is Akanishi-kun.”
The long-haired boy steps forward and bows, “Pleasure to meet you, Akanishi-kun. My name is Kamenashi Kazu—“
“I hope we get along.” Jin interrupts him and extends his hand, which Kame very willingly takes, though an awkward feeling follows when the younger one starts drawing lazy circles on the palm of his hand and stares too dangerously at the rim of Kame’s skirt.
The older boy, slowly, trying not to be rude, retracts his hand and smiles at Jin.

The main door opens and two formally dressed people get inside.
“Be polite, Kame. They are Mr and Mrs Akanishi and it’s tea-time. I’m going to boil the water.” Junno whispers into his friend’s ear and disappears into the kitchen.

“Welcome home.” Kame bows deeply and the two figures barely acknowledge his presence with a small bow before sitting down on the table.
He goes to the kitchen and comes back with the tea pot Junno gave him, on a tray. He puts the tray down and fills it with the three tea cups, which he doesn’t know if he should since he forgot to ask if the younger member takes tea too.

Still, he balances the tray and walks to the table where the two older Akanishis are already seating and waiting for their afternoon warm drink.

Suddenly, an unexpected obstacle shows up in front of his foot and he stumbles, the cups falling on the floor and shattering themselves to over a million pieces.
The rattling sound echoes through all the house and Kame looks with panic at the mess he caused. He dips his head low “I’m really sorry. I’ll clean this right now.” running off to get a mop and a broom to clean the mess. The married couple simply smile at each other, waiting for a second try.

His job was starting off greatly.

Jin taps his foot on the floor, smirking at the retreating form.

You should be more careful where you step, Kamenashi Kazuya.


“No more mistakes, Kame. Keep away from that devil Akanishi kid or he’ll trip you up again.” Kame mutters to himself as he shoves the dust off the book shelf with the duster.
He stretches his arms and tiptoes when he can barely reach the highest shelf over the three-step ladder, exposing more of his skin as the skirt goes up.
Cold air fills the covered patch of skin as his skirt is lifted and he quickly leaves his task to push it down, dropping the duster that hits him square on the head.

“Good morning!” Kame glances at the joyful-voiced culprit.
“Good morning, Akanishi-kun.” He tries to smile, covering up the burning urge he has to smack the boy instead.
“I’m bringing my friends here, so clean my room before I come back. I’ll be home in a while.”

Jin puts on his expensive shoes and leaves.

Kame tsks, “Bossy kid. Damn conceited.”
He sighs but yet obliges.

His eyes run over the total mess on the room. “He does this and I’m the one that has to clean it. Just great.”

He heaves a desperate sigh and starts by folding Jin’s clothes, putting them inside the wardrobe, then gathering all of the books into a single stack on one of the corners of the room, and, at last, makes the bed.

With everything in place, he congratulates himself for the job well done.

Passing by the second door where the occupied signboard hangs like before, he decides to take a peek.
“What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right?”

Warily slow, he turns the door knob and gets inside the dark room.
Strangely, it doesn’t have a single window and only the dim light from the hallway makes him capable of seeing the lamp over the small desk.

“I’m home.”

Kame jumps in surprise, hurriedly leaving the room and banging the door loudly, causing some things to fly inside the room due to the breeze.

He rushes down the stairs, stopping at the last degree to greet the guests.

“If you need something, I’ll be at your service.” Kame says, adding a girlish bow with his hands together on his lap.

Jin feels a pang in his heart at those words but quickly covers it up. “We’ll be in my room.” He declares and walks to his room with the group of three guys tailing after him while Kame disappears into the kitchen.

The bald boy, Koki, slumps down on Jin’s bed.
“You know what service your pretty maid could do for me,” He chuckles in a mocking tone, ignoring the glare Jin’s sending him “I’d eat her up anytime.”

“She looks delicious, ne~” one of the other two boys, Yamapi, adds.

“Guys, guys!” the other one, Nakamaru points at Jin who is fuming angrily.

“Dare laying a finger on hi-her and I’ll kill you, chop you to pieces and then serve you to her dinner. Then you’ll be the ones to be eaten up.” Jin spats out.

“Oooh! I’m so scared.” Koki jokes.

“It looks like Jin wants her just to himself. Do you like her, my dear friend?” Yamapi keeps taunting him.

“Shut up!”


A bare-chested Jin with just fade jeans clinging to his hips, a towel around his neck and a shirt hanging carelessly from his shoulder as his hair drips to the floor, rummages in the fridge.

Kame tries to avert his eyes from the alluring scenario, focusing back on his task.

“Have you got something to eat?” the voice sounds dangerously close and that is because it is a fact, since the younger boy is almost pressed against his back, looking over his shoulder at how he chops the vegetables while enjoying his coke.

“I haven’t got anything. It’s almost dinner time.”

Where is Junno at a time like this? He desperately needs some distance from the younger boy and as if Jin has realized it, the latter steps away to throw the can of coke away.

“The trash bin is full. You should empty it outside.”
The older boy glances at said bin, “It’s barely half-full.”

“So? You’ll have to do it tomorrow anyway, so better now.”

“Oh, fine.” Kame drops the knife which he’d gladly use to stab the annoying kid and picks up the trash to take it outside.

He walks through the courtyard and empties the garbage in the rubbish bin.

As he is striding back to the house, he feels water squirt to his shin and then further up onto his outfit and suddenly, the sprinkles are working, drenching him completely.

A high-pitched scream escapes his lips as he runs to get away from the water’s reach.

When he gets to the back door of the house, he can even fill a whole bottle of water if he twists his clothes.

“Damn that bastard. He knew it! I hate him. I. Hate. Him.”

Kame opens the door and carefully stretches his arm to a cloth, without wetting the floor, to dry himself.

“What have I done for him to be so mean?” he starts sobbing, tears of frustration running down his cheeks, “Idiot, asshole.” He says between choked sobs, hitting his clothes more than actually drying them.

Leaning against the wall, next to the window, Jin chuckles, amused at how the other, even crying, can curse him through gritted teeth.

It’s your fault, Kazuya.

A sneeze sounding from the outside gets him to regret his earlier action.

Kame feels something warm weight on his shoulders and he looks up to see the younger boy, now without the shirt since it covers part of his won body.

“Be careful or you’ll get sick.” Jin says, still keeping his cool demeanour and leaves through the same door.

Maybe, Akanishi isn’t such a bad kid, after all.

Kame smiles and pulls the shirt closer around him.


“Kame, you have an assignment this morning.”
Said boy quirks a perfect eyebrow at Junno’s affirmation, demanding an explanation.
“You have to wake Akanishi-kun up.”

“Why me?”

“Because he asked for it. Now go, and make sure he really wakes up or you’ll be held responsible for his tardiness at cram school.

Kame drags his feet to the upper floor.

When had he gotten so tired of those stairs?

He knocks on the door but when there’s no response, he warily gets inside, tiptoeing to the four-posted bed.

The boy is sound asleep and the expression on his face is a far cry from his devilish character.

“Akanishi-kun, wake up.” Kame shakes the boy gently but the other doesn’t budge.

He barely has time to register the strong arms encircling his waist before he’s being pulled down onto the broad chest and hands are on the back of his thighs, pushing the skirt up as they trail closer to his butt until they get to their prize and knead the soft flesh with utmost joy.

The older boy squirms and is out of Jin’s grip in a flash, leaving the latter empty-handed. He attempts to slap the younger boy but his wrist is easily caught by the other.

“If you slap me, I’ll guarantee you’ll be out of here before you even have time to take off that uniform.” Jin threatens and Kame drops his arm, letting it fall limply on his side.

Kame stands up and straightens his clothes, “You seem awake enough, so I’m leaving.”

“Morning kiss.” With those two simple words and a deft tug on the older boy’s wrist, he stumbles down onto the bed again, their lips meeting mid-way.

Jin’s lips feel warm and soft against his but the latter is almost naked and it’s dangerous. Jin thinks he’s a girl and…the boy’s tongue is licking his lips and it’s all wrong, wrong, wrong.

He breaks the kiss and rushes out of the room, leaving a very amused Jin behind.


Kame is chopping the meat to pieces, thinking about Jin’s attitude that morning.
His face is apathetic as he slides the knife through the food.

“I still liked that kid’s kiss”

“What kid?”

Junno’s voice startles him and then the knife is slicing through his finger instead.

“Ow! Dammit!” He shoves his finger into his mouth, tasting his own blood.

“What do you want? Don’t scare me like that when I’m cutting things.”

“Sorry, but I was told Akanishi-san wants to talk to you in his office.”

“Wh-Why? Am I going to be fired?”

“I don’t know. Just go, ok? No need to panic before.”

Or so Kame would like to, because his heart is ramming madly against his chest with every step closer to the office.

He knocks on the door and hears a faint voice telling him to get in, so he does, closing the wooden door behind him to be faced with the back of the black leather chair behind the oak desk.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused, but please don’t fire me, I need this job, so I can pay the University fees.” He blurts when the silence stretches for long seconds.

Then, the chair turns and instead of the older Akanishi, the younger one is seating leisurely on it.

“So that’s why you endure the treatment I give you.”

Kame is taken aback for being confronted with Jin, to say the least, but instead of questioning him about it, another question pops to his mind.

“Why do you do all that to me?”

“You know why. It’s your fault for not noticing me. We passed by each other everyday and when you came to work here, you didn’t even recognize me.” Jin says, pressing his lips together in a childish pout.

“S-so you know who I am?” Kame stutters.

Jin heftily stands up, striding in the older boy’s direction and cornering him against the wall.

“Of course I know.” Jin keeps stepping up to him until there’s no space between them and he cups the older boy’s manhood.

The reaction is instantaneous. Kame jerks his hips against the open palm and the corner of the taller boy’s mouth quirks up into a smile at the positive response.

Jin feels like stealing a kiss from those alluring lips again, so he does, swapping his mouth on the other’s and taking the first chance he has to thrust his tongue into the wet mouth as he insinuates his knee between the naked thighs, pushing the dress up.

Kame needs to break the kiss because he’s panting and in need fro air. He needs to break the kiss because Jin’s the boss’ son and he’s four years younger than him and he’s damn good with his hands, feeling him up under the skirt and he tastes even better,

Kame is slowly surrendering to the sensation, but a surviving drop of sanity makes his arms dart forward and push the younger boy away.

“Jin, no. Stop.” He says in what he hopes it can be an unwavering and convincing tone.
The younger boy, however, is more fascinated with the way Kame called him by his given name for the first time.

“Kazuya…” he whispers in a mellow voice, picking the boy up without warning and only dropping him over the desk.

“Jin, what are you doing?” Kame attempts to climb down but Jin stops him with his hands pressing over the other’s own, and the older boy’s attention focuses back on those deep brown orbs.

“Wait, don’t go. I’ll show you something you’ve never had before and if you still want to leave, I’ll let you out. If you enjoy it, let me have you, at least today.”

Kame swallows hard and Jin takes the other’s silence as a yes, stripping off his shirt.

“Time’s up. Now, feel it.” He uses his own rolled shirt and ties it around the older boy’s eyes, covering his vision.

Then he guided both the hands on the desk to his chest.
The skin feels warm under Kame’s fingertips and he lets Jin instruct his hands through the smooth manly bosom. “My chest…”

Kame blushes as his palms graze the small nubs, earning a harsh intake of breath from the receptive boy. “Nipples…big.”

Jin tugs on the brown hair the other boy’s nape, pulling him down to kiss lavishly down his neck, “Your neck…so soft.” He mumbles half-incoherently.

Kame’s breath hitches as his fingers reach the hollow of Jin’s navel and keep travelling further down.

His hand is yanked forward and a single kiss lands on each of his digits, while the other keeps trailing lower until it comes to contact with the rough texture of the jeans.

Jin stops for a brief moment before guiding Kame’s hand over to the growing bulge on his pants. The boy finches slightly as if the feeling burns.

“Don’t get scared. It’s up, and if you keep on, it’ll stay up and more. What do you want, Kazu?”

The older boy’s cheeks acquire a pretty shade of pink at the other’s blunt question and he blushes even more at his own whispered reply.

“…to feel you more.”

“What? I didn’t hear you.” Jin teases, which Kame doesn’t seem to notice and answers flustered.

“I want to feel you more!”

And as soon as those words leave his lips, Jin slants their mouths together in a kiss that reveals all the yearning and uncovered desire for the older boy.

Their tongues play and he nips and licks Kame’s bottom lip, and the latter can’t get a hold of his voice, moaning into the kiss.

Hands roam up and down Kame’s thighs as Jin’s tongue finally gains dominance over the other’s mouth, tasting him everywhere and tickling the roof of his mouth, drawing more sounds from the older boy.

Kame’s body is turning languid and finally the kiss breaks, both of them gasping for the much needed air.

Jin parts Kame’s legs dangling from the desk, standing between them and guding the latter’s hands back to his pants, sending him a silent request as he places them over the fly.

Kame unzips it and Jin helps him getting rid of his pants, though his movements are slightly less coordinated as impatience and nervousness takes over him.

Jin finally unties the shirt around the older boy’s head and drops it on the floor.

Kame, now able to see, places his hand over the other’s cotton-clad erection, feeling the hard flesh under his hand and delighting himself in the way Jin stares at him, his face flushed as if matching his own.

He slides his hand under the fabric, finding the hard cock and giving it a few tentative strokes.

The mewl that escapes Jin’s lips at the delicious friction he causes, makes him more embarrassed and conscious of his actions, but before he can continue what he’s doing, he feels a hand on his back before hitting the hard surface of the desk, and Jin is pining him dwon with his weight, his uniform is being pushed down and exposing his shoulders. He realizes the hand on his back was unfastening the zip of the dress.

Jin makes sure to kiss every single patch of exposed skin as he slides the maid outfit off Kame’s body.

Having the boy under him, exposed like that, was all Jin had ever dreamed of and finally he has it – the boy waiting and yearning for his touch as the dress is discarded on the floor, leaving the two of them only in underwear.

The taller boy climbs over the desk too, hovering over the older boy amd grinds their hips together. Their erections deliciously rub against one another and Jin throws his head back while Kame bucks his hips for more contact.

With two fingers hooked on the last item of clothing on the older boy’s body, Jin slides it over the other’s feet and it lays discarded over the desk.

“Jin, wait…” the latter can hear the fear on Kame’s voice and confirms his suspicions further when he sees it shining in those doubtful eyes.

“I’ll take good care of you. It’s ok.” He soothes his hand through the brown locks and kisses the fear away from those eyes, fisting Kame’s erection and starts pumping it.

The older boy cries out and Jin teases him by smearing the pear-like drops of pre-cum on the tip.

He plays with Kame’s nipples, alternating between sucking and pinching them, until the latter is blind by pleasure and has completely forgotten his fears.

Kame’s breath hitches and he pleads for Jin to go faster as he nears his peak, but instead of letting him cum, Jin stops all his ministrations and Kame whimpers.

“Jin, please…”

“Patience, love. I won’t leave you like that, don’t worry.”

The younger boy shifts his position to sit on the desk and rummages through the stuff over it, shoving some unnecessary tings to the floor as he seems to search for something.

Kame watches him confused and Jin focuses back on him.

“Glue? No. As much as I want you to stick to me, not like that. I said I’d take care of you so I won’t hurt you.”

Kame smiles at how worried Jin seems about him as the latter keeps trying to find something to lessen the pain of penetration, until he feels a hand on his hip and his cock being evolved by a warm wetness,

He can’t keep on concentrating on his task when the chapped lips keep gliding up and down on his cock, enclosing around his shaft ever so often, but he doesn’t intend on stopping him either because he’s sucking him off and it feels fucking good.

He opens all the drawers of the desk.

“Ink, ah Kazu…papers, books, hah fuck! I’m going to cum…”

Jin had been hurrying to find something to suffice as lube but now he isn’t sure if he wants to trade coming inside Kame for having his way into the latter’s mouth.

He doesn’t have much time to ponder on it, though he doesn’t get neither of the two, since Kame removes his mouth from where it surrounded him and with a couple more strokes, Jin comes hot and slick onto his stomach, thighs and Kame’s hands.

The older boy spreads the hot fluid on Jin’s length, licking the remains off is fingers while making eye-contact with the latter, and he’s hard again, staring at Kame’s cock standing proud between the latter’s legs.

“There you have it.” Kame says and Jin now understands the boy’s action to prevent a dry penetration.

Jin pins the boy down on the wood surface again and positions his cock at the other’s entry.

“Tell me if it hurts. If you want me to stop, I will.”

Kame wants to agree, but Jin sticks the tip of his member inside him and all words leave him. He tries to grab something to hold onto but there’s nothing as Jin’s shoved everything to the floor, so he digs his nails on his own palms.

Even when he ries to tell the younger boy to slow down, though he’s almost not moving at all, Jin thrusts completely inside him, hitting something that makes ripples of pleasure run through his body, he pleads for the latter to go faster instead.

Jin chortles and willingly obliges, thrusting into Kame at a faster pace and attends ro the latter’s erection, pumping it in time with his thrusts until the other is coming on his own stomach.

But it’s not enough to Jin, so he flips the older boy around onto his stomach with his legs dangling from the desk and climbs down from it, re-entering him.

Kame whimpers in slight discomfort at the hard shaft penetrating him, but the continuous stimulation of his prostate as it hits deep inside him every time, as well as the hand coming to his front to stroke his reawakening erection, makes him start moaning instead, humping himself back on the other’s cock.

Jin comes trembling inside him with a satisfied groan, his legs turning feeble under him as he collapses over Kame’s back and keeps stroking him until he comes seconds later, clenching his muscles around Jin and making the boy groan again as he moans and screams to his second release.

Jin waits for their laboured breaths to clam down before pulling out of Kame, slumping down on the leather chair and pulling the latter to sit on his lap.

He cradles the older boy closer to his chest, racking his fingers through the other’s hair until Kame breaks the silence that lingers.

“Why didn’t you tell me you knew I was a guy before?”

“It didn’t take long for you to find out anyway…”

“I didn’t know until you told me today.”

“What about the photos in the office?”

“What photos?”

“You mean…you didn’t see them? But you were in the office! I saw it was a little messed.”

“I did enter it but I didn’t get time to see anything before you arrived home.”

Kame watches amused as Jin blushes to his ears and drops his head.

“…so you hadn’t seen them?”

“You keep pictures of me? That’s so cute.” The smaller boy comments and Jin gets even more embarrassed.

“Hey, look at me.” Kame titles Jin’s head up with a finger under the latter’s chin.

“I love you. I’ve always loved you even from afar.” And this time, it’s Kame’s turn to blush.

“I think…I might too.”

“Then, we’ve got to find out.” Jin pulls him up for a kiss, licking at the corner of his mouth.

The sound of a door closing gets Jin to break the kiss, though.

“Shit, my parents are home.” They quickly pick up their clothes from the floor and dress, putting all the things they had thrown out of the desk, back to place.

They get out of the office, their hair tousled and clothes disarranged, and exchange glances before Jin climbs to the upper floor and Kame disappears into the kitchen.

From now on, working will be more fun.

“Jin, what did you spill in my chair?”

The two figures stiffen.


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Sep. 9th, 2007 09:54 am (UTC)

I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!!!! The last line totally made the fic one of the best I have ever read! :D:D:D:D:D:D


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LOL!! The ending was so funny
Poor Akanishi-san doesn't know that a love session took place in his office, hehehehehe ~~
I enjoyed reading this and it was amusing to see Kame pretending to be a girl.

thanks a lot for sharing sweetie *hugs*
Mar. 21st, 2010 12:45 am (UTC)
AHHH!*runs around in circles*
that was brilliant! first time reading your stuff and its already made my favourites list! it had it all, it was funny, cute AND HOT, especially hot...
so glad i found you ! ^ ^
Jun. 4th, 2011 10:45 am (UTC)

NICE FIC...lololol

thanks for sharing
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